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  In 1935 the Japanese Army held a competition between Nakajima, Mitshubishi and Kawasaki to desing a low-wing monoplane.The results were Ki- 27, Ki- 28 and Ki -33, and the army chose the Nakajima aircraft for its outstanding tuen performace, and officially adopted it for use in 1937. The new Ki -27 was created as a modern, streamlined design, ther chief design engineer was Koyama Yasushi.
The Ki- 27 was the army’s main fighter until start of WW II.In the 1939 Battle of Chalchin-Gol where the Japanese Army gought the Soviets twice in Mongolia, it faced I-15
and I-16, and owerwhelmed them with its maneuvrability, downing total of 1252 enemy aircraft, the Ki-27 served until the beginning of WW II in the Pacific, and was replaced by the Ki-43, continuing toserve as a trainer. It was also exported for use with Manchukuo and Thai forces, seeing combat with both .

Characteristics >>

Wingspan: 11,31 m
Lenght: 7,35 m
Height: 3,28 m

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