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92142 P-39 Q now in sale !!!

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92144 and 92148 P-51H now in sale !!!

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92149 He-280 with HeS engines now in sale !!!

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92150 He-280 with Jumo 004 engines now in sale !!!

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  In order to stop unbearable number of air attack by allied bomber,the RLM initiated in the autumn of a development project for a rocked air defense fighter.The P.1068,later designated as P.1077 was selected.Construction was finished at the end of 1944 and 1:12 scale model were built.In December 1944 the aircraft Devwlopment commission decided to immediately stop the program¨Julia¨ for the benefit of the Me 262.This cessation order was disregarded by
Heinkel and work continued.The initial construction was done by the Geppert company in Krems until February 1945.In the middle of March 1945 the development commission decided to continue the work on Julia.In early March 1945 the Schaffer Company in Linz was ordered to built two gligers-M2 and two motor aircraft-M4.At the time construction was transferred to the Schaffer Company two aircraft M2 were 90% complete.
For the landing after gliding flight a skid with a shock absorbance of 2 m/s was planned to be built in.For take off this skid was enveloped by a gliding-slipper¨ in which the planes were mounted in the best angle of attack.Thus the také off run was shortened to 30m.

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